When Gennadiy Golovkin fights, the enablers permit and the GGG-fapping fan boys pop open the lube. 

this is the one walk in the park in boxing nowadays– Golovkinites are gonna turn out for his or her smiling, bowing, smiting god of non-threatening manliness.  

The frantic self-pleasuring over the Kazakh KO king has admittedly diminished a little bit over the last couple of years. Two shots at Canelo Alvarez revealed an oddly demure GGG and a combat with Sergiy Derevyanchenko in his remaining combat saw him get beat up and given just a little of a gift determination (as smartly because the vacant IBF middleweight belt). however the man-love continues to be there from his lustful man-base.

And the proof of here’s in how his upcoming first IBF title defense this Friday against no-hope Pole Kamil Szeremeta (whose largest win got here in 2016 towards a 12-years-previous major Kassim Ouma, who become four-7 in his eleven bouts coming into that choice loss) is being covered via his fawning media admirers.

Billed as a “run at the middleweight record” and a “history chase,” the boxing media all-fap crew is pushing the narrative that, because this could technically be Golovkin’s 21st title defense of a middleweight belt, he is by hook or by crook breaking a middleweight checklist. And he might be– although it’s a record it’s been fabricated simply to hype this upcoming wholly pointless tune-up of a protection on subscription-only DAZN.

I imply, critically, who the hell tallies non-consecutive title defenses into whatever thing it really is an precise aspect? 

The Golovkin enablers do, it’s who. And the enablers were enabling due to the fact they first caught a musky whiff of the man who would tickle their loins for nearly a decade now, sold to them because the smiling murderer who only exists to kick ass and scare all the sissy millionaire champions into hiding.

The free experience created under the coverage of the enamored media has been of legendary proportion. As I wrote up to now:

“searching over a career that has been remarkably hand-rigged and stuffed with a copious degree of entitlement, GGG rose to prominence combating smaller guys and people stylistically tailor-made to make him seem to be respectable. a casual analyze Golovkin’s resume indicates that of twenty “world” title fights, as a minimum ten have come in opposition t fighters moving up in weight from at least one division below and none—except Daniel Jacobs and Canelo Alvarez—have come against any one with the physicality or skill stage mandatory to even make Golovkin breathe hard. 

Most pleasing, even though, is the indisputable fact that, while GGG ran through a minefield of deactivated mines at zero chance to himself, his people had no essential eye grew to become in opposition t them in any respect. They’ve gotten nothing however free passes from day one and are nonetheless coasting from Sergio Martinez no longer combating their man and from two years’ price of masterful publicity generated of their pursuit of large funds middleweight bouts with natural junior middleweights Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez.”

Hell, Golovkin become already 12 defenses into his first world title run before he even confronted any individual nearly as good as Daniel Geale (and, with all due respect, this is no longer all that first rate for the kind of “all-time middleweight fantastic” acclaim he become getting at the time). 

however, as any one who has fallen blindly in love can attest to, fact takes a back seat to emotion when cupid hits you with the arrow. This media and fan adulation created a sense of entitlement in the Kazakh that continues to this present day. 

No other fighter– with the possible exception of Floyd Mayweather– gets to so freely name his personal pictures and battle under his own phrases as GGG. The guy will no longer even entertain a move in weight or an addressing of a foe who isn’t tailor-made to be knocked out. 

however the difference between him and Mayweather is that Golovkin not ever gets referred to as out for this cautious treading on secure ground. Even those media individuals willing to forged some doubt on this latest 21-defenses/chasing background nonsense, do so virtually apologetically. Of direction, it be “no longer Golovkin’s fault”…here’s boxing’s fault…or the network’s fault…and so on.

he is entitled to history…and on his own terms. 

“this is now not just any fight,” GGG recently told a giddy media. “it’s a battle with extremely good meaning…The intention [of] combating for a list twenty-first a hit world title defense.”   

most effective Donald Trump could be so loved via so many clueless supporters and get away with such a raging case of entitlement.